Helping lead the church into an atmosphere of praise and worship through music: Revival Choir,

Praise Singers, Praise Band, Special Singers & Groups. The ultimate function and purpose being to preach the gospel through music to glorify and exalt Jesus Christ.

Primary Task

Encourage and enable the individual and corporate music ministry so

that the mission of the congregation is supported and strengthened.

General Responsibilities

1.  Become familiar with the overall vision and ministry goals of the congregation and write objectives to help achieve these goals through the music ministry.

2.  Write policies and procedures regarding music ministry.

3.  Help coordinate the entire music ministry of the church.

4.  Assist in planning and coordinating special music for the various services of worship.

5.  Coordinate and give leadership to the various musical groups within the church.

6.  Develop plans that will provide for music education and inspiration for the entire church family and seek feedback from the congregation on the ministry of music.

7.  Recruit and develop new musical talent from within the congregation

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