Our charity ministry offers many opportunities for service, from sending cards, flowers, and letters to those who are ill and bereaved, to organizing and participating in community efforts such as preparing food at the local homeless shelter, stocking the food pantry or volunteering time in a variety of service areas.

There are many areas of service that can be accommodated through this ministry. Everyone needs to be cared for and we continue to serve our Lord and Savior through these actions.

It also provides support, encouragement and follow up for guests, new members, and members with special needs.

Primary Task

Assist congregation in identifying and addressing the concerns and conditions of peoples across the world as well as those in our own community in relation to human well being, hopes for peace with justice,

and environmental survival.

General Responsibilities

1.  Study the hopes, concerns and needs of people in the area to determine how the church might best demonstrate Christ’s love to them.

2.  Become familiar with the overall vision and ministry goals of the congregation and write objectives to help achieve these goals through the compassion, mercy and justice ministry.

3.  Guide the congregation in demonstrating love for all persons.

4.  Read and discuss resources related to compassion, mercy and justice and participate in formational experiences.

5.  Develop and implement study and action projects related to compassion/mercy/justice issues and concerns.

6.  Engage in the local community to improve the quality of life for persons in need and to address justice issues.

7.  Involve others in the church and community in justice ministries.

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