When the prophet Joel was in the spirit and prophesying the word of the Lord in Joel chapter 2, He said in the days to come God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh and give visions to young men. Why is it that visions were not given to other people but to the youth? That’s because it’s the youth who are energetic enough to run with God’s vision. The youth are vibrant, alert and will move when it’s time to move. Most of the revolutions, victories and revival in history were started or powered by young people. The young are fire power in the hands of a good marks man.

In these last days God has placed His burden heavily on young people and that’s why there is a great reason for this ministry to stand. We at LORM we are determined that the fire power of young people we have will not be exploited by Satan but will be used in the kingdom. God has, is and will always be in the business of using young people in His arsenal.

We thank God for saving power towards the Youth, whom he has chosen Believing that God is going to use this ministry to touch the lives of multitudes of young people. Their passion is to reclaim this

generation for the Kingdom of God. Its to a great advantage that the youth are saved in order to get guidance and avoid the mistakes that might follow them in their old age (Job20:11), (ps25:7)

Primary Task

Address the concerns and conditions of youth in the congregation and communitythat they may grow in their understanding of God, themselves, others, and the world so that their quality of life may be improved through a personal faith and growth as a disciple.

General Responsibilities

1.  Study the hopes, concerns and needs of youth in the congregation and community to determine how best to serve them and how they might best serve each other as Christian

disciples and good neighbors.

2.  Become familiar with the overall vision and ministry goals of the congregation and write objectives to help achieve these goals through the congregation’s youth ministry.

3.  Write policies and procedures to guide the ministry with youth.

4.  Help plan and implement a varied and wide-ranging ministry with youth and families, including worship, study, fellowship, and service opportunities.

5.  Identify, enlist, train and support leaders (e.g., small group leaders, parent support group leaders, etc.) for the congregation’s youth ministries.

6.  Serve as liaison with organizations, persons, and resources that relate to youth and youth ministries, and which might help build a strong ministry both within the congregation and the


7.  Read and discuss resources for developing youth and family ministries, and participate in formational experiences.

8.  Inform the congregation about the hopes, concerns, and needs of youth and families in the community, the objectives of youth and family ministries and the resources available or needed to help achieve these objectives.

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