Ministering to women and ministering through women: These are powerful servants of God In the kingdom of God we have a different perspective of Women as compared to the secular world. We believe they are God’s own; Mothers, Sisters, Friends and Wives.Women are much more than what mankind has placed them out to be. From the days of old to this day many societies and mindsets have placed women outside and as background material.

At LORM, Women are considered more than kitchen keepers, they are respected and can do all things in Christ. According to biblical principles and a Godly mindset we aim to build women in the women’s ministry, placing them in their place, not as second best but as God’s Best.

Women here are Empowered and Equipped for Success to train and even make up a virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 to wives to be. We have seen women’s lives transformed through the mighty and powerful life changing messages we receive in this ministry by the grace of God. Those that had lost their hope its been restored.

Primary Tasks:

Address the concerns and conditions of women of all ages in the congregation and community that they may grow in their understanding of God, themselves, others, and the worldso that their quality of life may be improved through a personal faith and growth as a disciple.

General Responsibilities

1.  Study the hopes, concerns and needs of women in the congregation and community to determine how best to serve them and how they might best serve each other as Christian

disciples and good neighbors.

2.  Become familiar with the overall vision and ministry goals of the congregation and write objectives to help achieve these goals through the congregation’s ministry with women.

3.  Write policies and procedures to guide the ministry with women.

4.  Plan and implement a varied and wide-ranging ministry with women, including worship, study, fellowship, and service opportunities.

5.  Identify, enlist, train and support leaders (e.g., group leaders, mission chair, etc.) for the congregation’s women ministries.

6.  Read and discuss resources for developing women ministries, and participate in formational experiences.

7.  Inform the congregation about the hopes and concerns of women in the community, the objectives of the congregation’s women ministries, and the ministries available that will reach these objectives.

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