LORD’S Revival Ministries was established with another mandate to help and support disadvantaged children, sustain livelihoods and human rights for the most vulnerable members of the community. The vulnerable children may be orphaned, neglected, school dropouts, abandoned or simply living in acute poverty and are frequently affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

Education is a key factor to national development. In the case of Uganda, it is the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) that is charged with the responsibility of providing high quality education in the country at the lowest affordable cost and accessible to all.

The majority of literate Ugandans go through two basic levels of education i.e. primary and secondary schools and very few make progress to university and other tertiary institutions.

What is your project and how will it help?

LORD’s Revival Ministries (LORM) would like to contribute to enhancing the productivity of young people through construction of community schools to provide basic education and skills to the poor people.

The organization will provide a day and boarding pre- primary, primary and secondary school. Later on the organization will introduce vocational skills training like; agricultural production, computer literacy, tailoring, catering, art and craft, weaving and other as the market may demand.

The proposed school will be located in Kyankwanzi District. As a means of building synergy and optimizing resources, LORM will work closely with other agencies that are already grounded in the development of the country.

LORM proposes to set up a primary, secondary school and University in Kyankwanzi District, 280 km out of Kampala City. The overall aim of the project is to educate the children/ youth in order to equip them with life skills, competencies and attitudes to enable them harness and sustainably engage with their environment to be able to earn a living and meaningfully contribute to the development of the country. With the knowledge and skills acquired, the youth will be well positioned to provide quality level services, but more importantly; the school will enhance the capacity of the students to know the word of God.

• Spread awareness and motivate parents in target locations on importance of children’s education
• To facilitate and develop a model of child friendly education system and to create interest amongst the children towards formal education system
• Create a participatory model of community schooling through integrating the existing education/ school and support systems
• Ensure participation of children in developing child friendly teaching/ learning materials and facilitate their process of learning joyful

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Other people can partner with us by fully supporting us in making this project becoming a success. They can also partner with us by providing and donating funds get the project started, by providing educational materials e.g. reference books, text books, reading books, pens, pencils, colors science laboratory equipment, school computers, shoes school bags and relevant materials necessary for children’s education.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Purchasing land – US$ 30,000
Building and construction requirement costs – US$ 57,520
Office equipment & Textbooks/Reference books – US$ 10,000
Operating costs – US$ 139,640