We are a non-Government, non-political and non-profit making humanitarian and evangelistic organization that preaches the gospel and provides basic needs of Health, Shelter, clean water, Education, Energy, Food, Security, and Love, for Vulnerable people groups e.g. orphans, needy children, HIV victims, disabled people, poor and hungry. Registered and incorporated with Government of Uganda (INDR117122992NB)


To empower and support vulnerable people by ministering love and care with quality education, shelter, healthy, discipline and  practical skills for self reliance, God fearing and healthy citizens and have transformed lives to  positively impact the world for the glory of God.


“To contribute to the promotion of social, economic and spiritual development of people

through support to education and health initiatives, community empowerment

and promotion of good cultural values and practices


1. To provide most timely and appropriate response to sudden and catastrophic human needs as a result of natural or man-made disaster

2. To establish orphanages, youth centers and homes for the disadvantaged minors and children orphaned by the COVID 19 and AIDS scourge in Uganda, and to coordinate programs aimed at improving their social well being.

3. To implement poverty eradication programs and provides employment opportunities to the communities.

4. To assist communities and individuals with them to attain a measure of permanent emancipation from poverty, diseases and ignorance, through the provision of training opportunities in appropriate skills and technology.

5. To establish, maintain, operate arts and entertainment production teams and centers in order to promote Christian plays, Movies, dances and musical concerts to propagate the gospel.