This effort includes scheduling Home Bible Studies, coordinating and teaching the new members class”Foundations for Growth”. Every new convert that has come to the church due to the efforts of the Outreach ministers is handed over to the discipleship minister that will teach them the true biblical principles before they are assimilated into the services of the Lord or distributed in other ministries according to their calling, It also works with,

Diaconate/Fellowship Ministry

Primary Task

Address the concerns and conditions of persons in the congregation and community so that they may grow in their spiritual life and become better equipped for life as Christian disciples.

General Responsibilities

1.  Oversee the spiritual life of this church.

2.  Become familiar with the overall vision and ministry goals of the congregation and write objectives to help achieve these goals.

3.  Assist the pastor(s) in personal contact with members of the congregation, particularly in times of spiritual, physical, or emotional need.

4.  Identify, enlist, train and support leaders (e.g., greeters, care team, prayer team, etc.) for the spiritual life ministries.

5.  Recruit, oversee and make contact with other care leaders on a monthly basis regarding their contacts with various members of the congregation.

6.  Become sensitive to the needs of visitors and create opportunities to help guide them into full participation in the congregation.

7.  Interview applicants for membership.

8.  Assist the pastor(s) in preparation and distribution of communion elements.

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