The aim of this Hopsital is to provide the most timely medical and healthy services to the community and the countrywide. A lot of people move long distances to access medical assistance, and as others lose their lives on way to the hospitals due to the long distances they move.

The Hospital is also to equip medical students with training, competencies and attitudes to enable them serve the community and to be able to earn a living and meaningfully contribute to the development of the country. With the knowledge and skills acquired, the youth will be well positioned to provide quality level services, but more importantly; the hospital will enhance the capacity of the patients to know the word of God.

How can you partner with us on this project?

You can partner with us by fully supporting us in making this project becoming a success. You can also partner with us by providing and donating funds get the project started, by providing beds, ambulances, drugs, volunteer doctors, vehicles, etc

Details of the resources that we need.

Purchasing land – US$ 90,000
Building and construction requirement costs – US$ 1,900,000
Office equipment & Textbooks/Reference books – US$ 60,000
Operating costs – US$ 169,640

Danate and support

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