Looking forward to agriculture as one of the greatest investment we can make to support the community through supply of agricultural knowledge, seeds, and employment to the community. This farm will also act as a demonstration farm for the farmers to learn different kind of new modern agricultural methods. It will also contribute to food supply in the country and the world at-large.

We shall have warehouse houses and factories to process the produced foods and cater for sudden catastrophes to combat and eliminate hunger in the communities in case of food shortage.

Come and Partner with us on this project.

You can partner with us by fully supporting us in making this project becoming a success. You can also partner with us by providing and donating funds get the project started, by providing tractors, new modern seeds, animal breeds, volunteer doctors, vehicles, etc

Details of the resources that we need.

Purchasing land – US$ 60,000
Building and construction requirement costs – US$ 500,000
Office equipment & Textbooks/Reference books – US$ 10,000
Operating costs – US$ 15,000

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